Core Values

Openness and Accessibility to all

  • Respect for and celebration of differences in race, ethnicity, gender, age, economic status, religion, sexual orientation, creed, ability status, and other social characteristics.
  • Encourage membership by easing potential economic barriers.
  • Strive toward the elimination of social, economic, political, and cultural barriers to healthy and sustainable food access. Central Brooklyn

Self-Determination and Community Building

  • Commitment to maintaining and institutionalizing leadership representative of the mostly-of-color, low- and moderate-income communities of Central Brooklyn.

Skills-Sharing and Political Education

  • Serve as a skills-sharing hub to build our collective knowledge around food nutrition, cooperatives and overcoming oppression in our food system.

Transformation of Local Food System and Social Responsibility

  • Advocate policies that improve food access within the context of affordability, quality, and choice in Central Brooklyn.
  • Maintain a pipeline to local, affordable and sustainable food in Central Brooklyn.
  • Promote and prioritize buying relationships with local farms, farmers of color, and socially responsible corporate citizens.
  • Adhere to environmentally responsible, waste disposal and land use practices.
  • Support strategic alliances between local food security initiatives, local farmers, and Central Brooklyn residents.

Dedication to Cooperative Values

  • Instill a culture of transparency within our cooperative’s leadership and member-owner relationship structures.
  • Respect every member-owner’s voice and contribution to the cooperative community.
  • Observe the International Cooperative Alliance’s 7 Cooperative Principles.
  • Work together as one team to reap benefits for both the self and the community.