CBFC Timeline

– Hired a Food Sovereignty Coordinator to engage current members and bring on new membership
– Reached a total of 133 invested members by June 2020
– Launched internal political education sessions
– Pivoted organizing efforts to provide mutual aid during the Covid-19 crisis through #HoldDownBK food distribution initiative
Developed Community Agreements to serve as cultural complement to the systems and structures that govern how CBFC functions

– Raised 47k through Kickstarter campaign
– Awarded USDA Grant that allowed us to hire the Food Sovereignty Coordinator
– Decided on store size and general location
– Refined messaging strategy to target Black, long term residents of Central Brooklyn
– Refined financial model and projections
– Grew the Board or Directors
– Reached a total of 72 invested members by December 2019

– Conducted Monthly New Member Orientations
– Community Garden Grub Party
– First Fundraising Event
– Began accepting Membership Investments
– Conducted “Co-op Suitability Analysis” to determine the ideal location for CBFC storefront
– Held first Annual Meeting
– Elected the inaugural Board of Directors

– Hired part time Coordinator
– Hosted “Black Food”-themed Grub Party

– Established regular General, Board & committee meetings
– Developed the CBFC Business Plan
– Opened Bank Account
– Conducted Neighborhood Pricing and Product Surveys

– Completed bylaws and incorporated as an LLC
– Received Citizens Committee grant which allowed us to do Summer Outreach and provide outreach materials and events
– Created relationship with City Council officials

– Grub Party
– Cooperative Models Teach-In where we voted on the “working coop” model
– Day-long member organizer retreat
– Conducted a “community survey” with over 300 participants
– Built financial model 

– Members of the Brooklyn Movement Center and Central Brooklyn residents came together to plan the Central Brooklyn Food Cooperative
– Voted on Mission Statement, Core Values, Bylaws & Values Charter
– Nominated a steering committee

Our Timeline