Become a Member

The Central Brooklyn Food Coop is currently in its organizing phase. We plan to open our cooperative grocery store soon. To see our timeline and goals leading to launch click here.

We welcome you to join now by becoming an invested member!  Adults 18 and over can become invested members of the coop. We currently have two investment options available:

  • Our regular payment plan, for those not receiving income assistance, is $150 (a $125 investment fee plus a $25 non-refundable joining fee);
    • We also have an option to pay the $150 in 6 monthly installments of $25
  • Our reduced payment plan, for those receiving income assistance, is $20 (a $15 investment fee plus a $5 non-refundable joining fee).
  • We also have a deferred payment plan for those who are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. For the deferred payment plan, you will pay your one-time joining fee of either $5 for the regular plan or $1 for the reduced plan. Then you can chose to defer the rest of your payments for 3, 6 or 9 months.

Fees are per person, not household. There is more detailed information about our payment plans available on our sign-up page. 

After investing in CBFC, you will be required to activate your membership by attending a 1 hour orientation. Check the calendar for our next orientation date.

The next step will be to get active in the CBFC! As an invested member, you will contribute to key strategy decisions that will shape the CBFC experience. During our planning phase, we are asking invested members to either attend our monthly general membership meetings and/or join one of our three committees: Outreach and Membership, Business and Strategy, or Fundraising. Learn more about our committees here

Key decisions about the CBFC are incubated in committees and then brought to general membership meetings for a vote. The best way to influence decisions in the organizing phase is to join a committee. After the doors open, invested members will be required to work 2-3 hours a month.

Become an invested member today!