Central Brooklyn Food Coop

Our Mission

To utilize our collective strength to ensure access to affordable and fresh food while centering the Black, low-to-moderate-income communities of Central Brooklyn.

CBFC Statement in Support of Black Lives

The Central Brooklyn Food Coop (CBFC) is a Black-led community project utilizing our collective strength to ensure access to affordable and fresh food for low-moderate income Black people in Central Brooklyn. Our work is rooted in centuries of Black cooperative economics and organizing, and is aligned with other movements for Black liberation & self-determination. Many of our members and organizers are a part of movement networks, including the Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC) and the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), that are working on police accountability, de-carceration, housing insecurity, electoral accountability and other issues threatening the safety of our community.

The system designed to police and kill us without retribution is the system that has created and sustained poor access to healthy food in our neighborhoods. Food sovereignty, as a goal in itself, is as urgent and life-sustaining as all the other movements to save and liberate Black lives.

We acknowledge this moment, this uprising in the fight for Black lives. As an organization, we will continue our work to establish a sustainable food network for healthy & accessible groceries with our communities in Central Brooklyn. Currently, we are working on the #HoldDownBK emergency food distribution campaign in response to COVID-19. In particular, we invite Black folks in Central Brooklyn to join this work as a concrete way to support our collective health and security during this moment and beyond. If you would like to get involved, please contact, Shaquana Boykin: sboykin@brooklynmovementcenter.org


Contact Us

Brooklyn Movement Center
375 Stuyvesant Avenue, 2nd Fl.
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